Mahavir's Contribution

Tulsi Pragya (April to June - 2012)

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Jains are followers of Jina. The word Jina literally means "the Victor" or “the Liberator”.  One who has freed himself/herself from the bondage of Karma by conquering räga (attachment - deceit and greed) & dvesha (aversion - anger and ego), and expounds the path of liberation is called Jina. The teachings of Jina is called Jainism. Lord Mahavira was the last reformer of Jainism. The ultimate goal of Jainism is to rid of all karmas and attain the salvation (liberation - moksha). We attract the karmas because of attachment and aversion (räg & dvesha). Therefore, the path of liberating our soul from attachment and aversion constitutes the philosophy of Jainism. The fundamental truths of Jainism were preached long before. Jainism is one of the oldest religions of the world.

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