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JVBI now offers a unique opportunity to empower online research program. Of the diverse approaches of research, online research is one of its innovative effort to bring about research oriented to global community. JVBI is committed to reach the global population to serve community, serve research, serve ancient heritage of India. 

Research Projects

Department of Jainology and Comparative Religion and Philosophy

Jainism is one of the ancient religion of shramana tradition. Above than religion and philosophy it is more a way of living. It aims at imparting higher education in this little explored treasure of knowledge and conducting research in different Oriental Sciences hidden in Jain Agams. Lord Mahavir said 2600 years ago 'Naanassa Saaramaayaaro' 'Right Conduct is the essence of knowledge'. This spiritual voice is the motto of the Institute. Every program and every activity is directed towards the realization of this motto.

Jain scriptures are the treasure of vast knowledge. They postulate multifaceted aspects of learning such as ontology, metaphysics, ethics, logic, philosophy, ecology, biology, heath, politics, social life, education, management, etc.

The mission is to integrate modern science with ancient wisdom of the great spiritual practitioners and visionary seers like Lord Mahaveer, Buddha, etc. This department seeks to intervene moral and spiritual norms and values with the materialistic and economic fibers of mankind to foster and develop universal human relationship for the peaceful co-existence of the individuals, groups, communities, sects, races, religions and nations.

Department of Sanskrit and Prakrit

The Jain Vishva Bharati Institute (JVBI) is a premier institution for teaching and learning of classical knowledge and higher education. JVBI was established, around 35 years back (in 1970), with the spiritual inspiration of Acharya Shree Tulsi for the development of education, research, service, practice, literature, culture and character-building , the sevenfold objectives. Considering the research carried out in Agamas, Jainology, Prakrit Literature, and its contribution of principles like, non-violence and non-absolutism, the University Grants Commission on the recommendation of the Government of India, conferred the status of ‘Deemed University’ on the institutio under section 3 of the UGC act 1956, on March 20, 1991. Located at the city of Ladnun in Nagaur district of Rajasthan this institution is equipped with modern facilities and healthy environment. This institution is dedicated to the comparative study of classical learning, specially, the study and research in Agamas and Prakrit language and literature. Nanassa Saramayaro - ‘The essence of knowledge is right conduct’. In the institute adopting this motto, the department of Sanskrit and Prakrit has been conducting teaching and learning programmes in subjects like, classical learning and its existence in present context.

Department of Science of Living, Preksha Meditation and Yoga

The department of Science of living Preksha Meditation and Yoga was established with the aim to impart education in the discipline of behavioral and therapeutic Meditation, Yoga Naturopathy and value education through the synthesis of spirituality and science.

Can learning disabled college students attention benefit from Mahapraan sound Meditation, a technique of Preksha Meditation

Department of Non-Violence and Peace

The objective of Department of Non-violence and Peace is to provide necessary knowledge and skills to enable individuals to acquire in depth understanding of the problems of human survival and crisis, and resolving them by nonviolent means thus contributing to establishment of peace on our planet. The department endeavors to teaching theory and gives ample opportunity to practice and promote higher ideals of ‘Ahimsa’, ‘Anekant’, ‘Tolerance’ and ‘Peaceful Coexistence’.

Department of Social Work

The Department of Social Work came into existence in July 1996 under the inspiration of Gurudev Tulsi, founder of the Anuvrat Movement. The Department of Social Work is a part of the Jain Vishva Bharati Institute; as such its working is very much influenced by the objectives and value ethos of the Institute. The motto of the Institute "Character building is the essence of Knowledge" permeates all its programmes and activities. The values of non-violence and peace as also those embodied in "Anuvrat" constitute the élan vita of the Institute. Apart from this institutional influence, the other factor that impinges on the functioning of the department is the topography of the place – the arid landscape devoid of all diacritical marks of modernization, both promoting and polluting. The department accomplishes the theoretical and practical goals of Social work education within these normative and existential frameworks. The department works with an apriori belief that professional social work education imperatively needs an ethico-spiritual value underpinning. The aim of the whole exercise is to emancipate social work as far as possible from the shadow of dubious values of the West and ground it within the cultural paradigm of our own, bedrock of eternal verities.

Department of Education

Jain Vishva Bharati Institute has launched a Bachelor of Education programme recognized by NCTE. The first session begins from July 2005. The programme designed to suit candidates from all over India places specific emphasis on meditation as a tool to enhance learning skills and I.Q. This programme is also the first national teachers training programme to offer study in Education for Sustainable Development. Innovative syllabus and enthusiastic faculty work towards not only training the teachers but also assisting them with campus recruitment. Jain Vishva Bharati Institute is looking forward to train a new class of future generation teachers.

Acharya Kalu Kanya Mahavidyalaya

Regular training, disciplined atmosphere, reliable management and continuous progress towards goal-oriented development- that is Acharya Kalu Kanya Mahavidhyalaya Keeping this noble objective in mind Acharya Tulsi realized his dream of higher education for the multifarious development of women in this desert of Rajasthan, and inspired by Acharyashree Mahaprajna, there was established Acharya Kalu Kanya Mahavidhyalaya in 1998 under the auspices of JVBI (Deemed University). This college (Mahavidhyalaya) was established in the name of Acharyashree Kalugani. Kalugani was the Eighth Acharya of Jain Terapanth Dharma Sangh who made untiring efforts for education and training of women for their upliftment. This college has been dedicated to his memory that upholds the feeling of self-dependence in the coming generation through high human values and education. The motto of this college is to not only impart higher education, but also to awaken the self-confidence inherent in students for a future independent life through binding a noble character. The Three year Bachelor Degree programme is specially developed to fulfill the needs and aspirations of the present generation.

Department of English

M.A. in English is a fine amalgamation of literature and language. With the advent of globalisation, the need for people with good communication skills in English has sky-rocketed. A coursory glance at any newspaper will revel that people with good communication skills in English are the need of the hour. Bearing this in mind, JVBI has launched an innovative M.A. in English programme which will be of immense assistance to the students in particular and society in general.

M. S. Anekant Shodhpeeth

Mahadevlal Saraogi Anekant Shodhpeeth is an integral part of Jain Vishva Bharati Institute. The idea of establishing this Shodhpeeth germinated on the occasion of the 83rd birth-day celebration of Gurudev Tulsi, the first Anushasta of the Jain Vishva Bharati Institute. It has been established to facilitate research work in all disciplines in oriental learning’s, particularly in Jainology. A dedicated team of researchers headed by Acharya Shri Mahapragyaji has produced the research work of high academic excellence. Other scholars also have been engaged for the same purpose through this center.

This is a well-known fact that Jain Vidya has a vast storehouse of philosophic and scientific knowledge which is yet to be presented before the world in adequate and specific form.

The spectacular progress of modern science has also provided the impetus to delve into our ancient intellectual accomplishments and establish their validity and age relevance. This backdrop thus determines the values and norms that govern the overall functioning of the Shodhpeeth.

Acharya Mahapraya Ka Jain Vidhya Aur Vaigyanik Tathyon me Yogadan

Annotated Bibliography of Jain Text in Tamil

Mathematics in Jain Agam

Jain Nyaya Kosh

Jain Kathanak Sahitya ka Vishva Kosh

Anekant and Western Philosophy : An Analytical Study

Comparative Religions (2 Vol.)

Training in Nonviolent Action for Enlightened Citizenship

Forgiveness in Indian Youth  


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