BMIRC : About Us

BMIRC, located in campus of Jain Vishava Bharti Ladnun (Rajasthan, India) is an advanced centre for research in Jain and other philosophies.

Most of good practices of Jainism are traditional, passed on from one generation to the other or are taken from scriptures or propagated by Jain saints and have little experimental proof of their effectiveness. Jain philosophy encompasses all aspects of life. At the personal level, it enables one to be healthy by dietary control and self discipline. It also makes one mentally alert and peaceful by meditation-techniques and provides methods to develop one's consciousness to higher stage leading to enlightenment. At the social level, Jain philosophy provides ways to live in harmony not only within human society but also amongst all living creatures through nonviolence, tolerance, forgiveness and by minimizing one's requirements. At the global level it can help in resolving conflicts by emphasizing coexistence and by practicing its profound theories of anekanta (non-absolutist outlook), ahimsa (Non-violence), tolerance, peaceful co-existence and syadvad. In other words, it is the best prescription for the art of living and sustainable development. It is also a good prescription for understanding the universe around us at the same time.

This centre is headed by a Director and classified into several sections having one or two Chairs and other supporting research and administrative staff. Each department will be carrying out studies and research in their subject. They will be responsible for execution of the plans and programs of that section. Currently research activities have been classified in four broad areas as follows:
1. Science and Mathematics
2. Jain Ethics, Environment and Social Science
3. Metaphysics, Epistemology and Logic
4. History, Culture and Literature
There are many universities and institutes at national and international level engaged in teaching and research in Jainology. BMIRC will be coordinating with these institutions in India and abroad working.
We also proposed to have exchange program, seminars, meditation camp for health and diseases, and publish a journal of International standard.