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The department JCRP, JVBI, Ladnun, is offering a special course on “Comparative Ethics” for the first semester July-November 2015. This course is a critical examination of classical and contemporary writings on such standard moral concerns as theories of moral conduct, moral education, and moral justification.  While this course will focus (initially) on meta-ethics, looking theory and related issues, it will also apply these theoretical insights to a study of social ethics, however, this course focuses mainly on the other half of normative ethics, private ethics, i.e., theory of virtue and living the good life. This course covers classical and contemporary writings on such matters as courage, pride, wisdom, compassion, generosity, honor, and self-respect.  Additionally, the course covers traditional philosophical questions in the field of ethics such as: What is ethics?  Where does it come from?  What makes actions right rather than wrong?  Why be good?  What should our goal in life be?  What do we mean by “good?”  Is ethics culturally relative or universal?  Is morality grounded in religion? 




The course is beginning from July to November 2015. This is an essential course for anyone interested in personal, social, or professional ethics. One needs to understand these basic concepts and theories to properly conduct ethical inquiries.  This course takes a comparative approach looking at Western and Asian sources in coming to terms with the ethical dimension of life. The course is based on writings from authors from a variety of fields and cultures.  Each of these textual selections is applied to specific ethical concerns. Certificate with credit will be given in the end of the course.


Eligibility-Bachelor, Master, Research Scholar or Faculty and having basic knowledge of English language


Medium of Instruction – English


Modes of Instruction – Lectures, Discussions and Assignments


Instructor/Guide –Prof. Kim Sqoog, Professor, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, University of Gaum, Mangilao, Gaum


Course Code – JCRP/BMIRC01


Name of the Course – Comparative Ethics


Duration of the Course – Three months


Course in Class: Twice in a week from August 1st to September 15th, 2015


Days and time for Classes – Monday and Thursday from 2-5pm


Venue for the Class – Seminar Hall, Academic Block, JVBI


Course Fee – Rs. 45000


Course starts from – 25th July 2015


Forms available online from – 22nd July 2015 on website


Last date of receipt of forms – 25th July 2015


Facilities – boarding and loading available on campus


Date of reaching at Bhagawan Mahavir International Center, JVBI, Ladnun – 24th July 2015


Interested students, scholars and faculties can contact with the following person for form and any information regarding the course


Dr. Yogesh Jain


Assistant Professor


Deptt of Jainology and Comparative Religion and Philosophy


JVBI, Ladnun (Rajasthan), India




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